About the Pecto Awards

Founder & Preseident: J.r. Rivera


1. This award recognition is done annually.

2. Submission dates for decks and books must be released anywhere within January 1, 2011 to December 2011.

3. Submissions for the following categories must be future release dates (2012, 2013 ect.)
Anticipated Tarot Deck
Anticipated Oracle Deck
Anticipated Tarot/Oracle Book
(This 3 categories are to promote future released decks and books.)

4. Submissions for the following categories below have no restriction as to when a deck, book, and website was released in the past.
Outstanding Tarot Deck of all Time
Outstanding Oracle Deck of all Time
Outstanding Tarot/Oracle Book of all Time
(This 3 categories are designed to acknowledge decks and books that were overlooked.)

Outstanding International Publisher
Outstanding National Publisher
Outstanding International Cartomancy Vendor

Outstanding National Cartomancy Vendor
Outstanding Website for Cartomancy
(This 5 categories are chosen by the Academy)

5. Submission polls are open and people submit their candidates. On the day of the deadline the polls close and the academy selects the top 5 candidates with the highest votes. After the top 5 candidates with the highest votes have been selected, the academy cast their votes and the winners are announced late December through YouTube.

6. The Pamela Cole Smith honorary categories are designed by the Academy ONLY. Your vote will not count but might be taken into consideration. This is not a competitive category like the previous ones. When two or more winners are announced under the same category they are award respectively.
a. Pamela Cole Smith Best Illustrator.

7. The academy does not discriminate the work (such as decks and books) of an illustrator, writer, website administrators based on their sex, race, gender, religion, level of education, ect.