Wednesday, October 19, 2011

1st Annual


Outstanding Tarot Deck
Anna K Tarot
Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Paulina Tarot
Vampyer Tarot
Bohemian Gothic Tarot (Pewter 2nd edition)
Tarot of the Sweet Twilight
Vampire Tarot of The Eternal Night
Cruel Thing Tarot
Dame Fortune Wheel Tarot
Transparent Tarot

Outstanding Tarot Set
Tarot of the Vampyer
Vampire Tarot of the Eternal Night
The Vampire Tarot
Fairytale Tarot
Shadowscape Tarot

Outstanding Self Publish Tarot Deck
Anna K Tarot
Tarot of Dreams 2nd edition
Science Tarot
Tarot of Trees
Infinite Visions Tarot

Outstanding Female Tarot Deck Designer
Lisa Hunt - The Fairy Tale Tarot
Paulina Cassydy - Paulina Tarot
Karen Mahony - Bohemian Gothic Tarot 2nd Edition
Emily Carding - Transparent Tarot
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - Shadowscape Tarot

Outstanding Male Tarot Deck Designer
Ciro Machetti - Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Robert Place - The Vampire Tarot
Davide Corsi - Vampire Tarot of the Eternal Night
Paul Huson - Dame Fortune Wheel Tarot
Ian Daniels - Tarot of the Vampyers

Outstanding Collaboration for a Tarot Deck
Alex Ukolov & Karen Mahony- Victorian Romantic Russian Version
Chris Butler & Kay Stropforth - Quantum Tarot V2.0
Mark McElroy & Eldar Minivaev - Tarot of the Celtic Faries
Tammy Stellanova, Shari Arai DeBoer, Kristian Johnson Michiels, Kristy Whitehouse, & Janelle Schneider - Science Tarot
Michele Penco & Pierluca Zizzi - 2012: Tarot of Ascension

Outstanding Art on a Tarot Deck
Dark Angle Tarot
Bohemian Gothic Tarot 2nd edition
Vampire Tarot of the Eternal Night
Shadowscape Tarot
Tarot of the Vampyers

Outstanding Tarot Deck of all Time
Bohemian Gothic Tarot
Deviant Moon Tarot
Victorian Romantic Tarot
Quantum Tarot 1st Edition
Gilded Tarot
Rider Waite Tarot
Tarot of Prague
Thoth Tarot
Fey Tarot
Marsielle Tarot


Outstanding Oracle Deck
Oracle of Shadows & Light
Psychic Tarot Oracle
Transparent Oracle
Mythic Oracle
Konxari Cards
Hidden Realms Oracle
I Ching Dead Moon
Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle
Earth Magic Oracle Cards
The Heart of Faerie Oracle

Outstanding Self Publish Tarot Deck
Melissa Lenormad
A'ha Oracle
Langustl Lenormand

Outstanding Male Oracle Deck Designer
Luis Royo - Dead Moon Oracle
Starlightexp - Pixie Lenormand Oracle
John Holland - The Physics Tarot Oracle
Steven D. Farmer - Earth Magic Oracle
John Matthews - The Shaman's Oracle

Outstanding Female Oracle Deck Designer
Doreen Virtue - Signs from Above
Colette Baron-Reid - Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Cards
Emily Carding - The Transparent Oracle
Jasmine Becket-Griffith - Oracle of Dark & Light
Wendy Froud - The Heart of Faerie Oracle

Outstanding Collaboration for a Oracle Deck
Wendy Froud, Brian Froud, and Robert Gould - The Heart of Faerie Oracle
John Matthews and Wil Kingha - The Shaman's Oracle
Carisa Mellado & Michele Lee Phelan - Mythic Oracle
Lucy Cavendish and Jasmine Becket-Griffith - Oracle of Shadow and Light
Jessica Galbreth and Barbara Moore - Enchanted Oracle

Outstanding Art on a Oracle Deck
I Ching Dead Moon Oracle
Melisa Lenormand
Psychic Tarot Oracle
Pixi Lenormand Oracle
Oracle of Light and Shadow

Outstanding Oracle Deck of all Time
Parlour Sylblle Oracle
Victorian Flower Oracle
Madame Endore Oracle
Oracle Ge
Mystical Lenormand
Gypsy Witch Oracle
Moon Oracle
Mlle. Lenormand Oracle


Outstanding Tarot/Oracle Book
Gateway to the Divine Tarot - Ciro Manchetti
Tarot of the Celtic Faries companion book - Mark Elroy
Phantasmagoria - Ian Daniels
Mystical Origins of the Tarot - Paul Hudson
Oracle of Shadows and Light companion book - Lucy Cavendish

Outstanding Long awaited Tarot/Oracle Book
Deviant Moon companion book - Patrick Valenza
Quantum Tarot V.20 companion book - Chris Butler
Alice Tarot companion book - Karen Mahoney
Psychic Tarot - Nancy C. Antenucci, Melanie A. Howard
Tarot Prediction & Divination - Susyn Blair-Hunt

Outstanding Tarot/Oracle Book of all Time
Gilded Tarot companion book - Barbara Moore
Animal Divine companion - Lisa Hunt
Victorian Romantic companion - Karen Mahoney & Alex Ukolov
Understanding the Courts - Mary K. Greer & Tom Little
Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle - Sylvie Stienbach


Outstanding International Publisher
Lo Scarabeo
Magic Realist Press
MG Muller

Outstanding National Publisher
US Games Inc.
St. Martins Press

Outstanding International Cartomancy Vendor
Alida Store
Le Palais Du Tarot
Esoterik Shopping

Outstanding National Cartomancy Vendor
Tarot Garden
Tarot Bear Lair

Outstanding Website for Cartomancy
Aeclectic Tarot Forum
Tarot Dame's Blog
The Art of Cartomancy Forum
Tarot Passages

Outstanding Long awaited Oracle Deck
Oracle of Visions
Langustl Lenormand
The Secret Language of Colour Cards
Das Kristall Orakel

Outstanding Long awaited Tarot Deck
Alice Tarot
Ghost and Spirit Tarot
Tarot of Pagan Cats
Quantum Tarot
Sister deck (sequel to the Deviant Moon)


This categories are for the academy members only. This category is meant for acknowledging the outstanding artistic talent of a cartomancy artist who has dedicated time and effort in creating one of a kind and remarkable art.

Pamela Coleman Smith Male Designer

Alex Ukolov - For directing and engineering such artistic ideas and designs.

Ciro Manchetti -
For his dedication in creating outstanding real life art.

Pamela Coleman Smith Female Designer

Karen Mahony - For her dedication as well as contribution to her fans as well as her art.

Lisa Hunt - For creating such deep, soothing, profound spiritual atmospheric in her art.

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