Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2nd Annual

Here are this years, 2nd annual Pecto Award nominations. Certain things changed a tad drastically from last years award nominations. Due to the numerous deck submissions, the Academy has selected and nominated 10 nominees for the Anticipated Tarot Deck and Anticipated Oracle Deck categories. Two new categories have been added by the Academy, One to Watch Male Illustrator and One to Watch Female Illustrator.


Outstanding Tarot Deck
Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot
Wizards Tarot
Tarot: The Kingdom Within
Crystal Vision Tarot
Today's Journey Tarot
Ludy Lescot Tarot
Quantum Tarot V2.0 (USA Release)
Wild Wood Tarot
Joie de Vivire
Tarot of the Sidhe

Outstanding Male Tarot Illustrator
Patrizio Evangelisti : Ludy Lescot Tarot
Will Worthington : Wild Wood Tarot
Chris Butler : Quantum Tarot V2.0 (USA Release)
John J Bluman : Wizards Tarot
Franco Rivolli : Fire Tarot

Outstanding Female Tarot Illustrator

Paulina Cassidy : Joie de Vivre Tarot
Karen Mahoney : Boraque Bohemian Cat Tarot
Emily Carding : Tarot of the Sidhe
Antonella Platano : Wheel of the Year Tarot
Joanna Powell Colbert : Gaian Tarot

Outstanding Collaboration for a Tarot Deck
Karen Mahony & Alex Ukolov : Baroque Bohemian Cat Tarot
Corrine Kenner & John J. Blueman : Wizards Tarot
Expanding Dimentions & Christ Wilkey : Today's Journey Tarot
Mark Ryan, John Matthews, & Will Worthington : Wild Wood Tarot
Juno Lucina & Sharon Thornfeather : The Kingdom Within Tarot

Outstanding Art on a Tarot Deck
The Kingdom Within Tarot
Ludy Lescot Tarot
Today's Journey Tarot
Joie de Vivre Tarot
Tarot of Sidhe

Outstanding Tarot Deck of all Time 
Fairy Tale Tarot
Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Deviant Moon Tarot
Universal Waite Tarot
Bohemian Gothic Tarot
Gilded Tarot
Fantastical Creatures Tarot
Tarot of the Sweet Twilight
Rider Waite Tarot
Transparent Tarot
Pagan Tarot (write-in nominee)



Outstanding Oracle Deck
Enchanted Map Oracle
Oracle of Visions
Oracle of the Shapeshifters
Audacious Action Angels Oracle
Dog Pack Oracle Cards
The Journey Oracle Deck
IOSHI Oracle
Angels of Atlantis
Gods and Titans Oracle (Australian Release)
Goddesses and Sirens Oracle (Australian Release)

Outstanding Male Oracle Illustrator
Jimmy Manton : Gods and Titans Oracle
Ciro Manchetti : Oracle of Visions
Richard Crooks : Angels of Atlantis
Jimmy Manton : Goddesses and Sirens Oracle
David Camp : IOSHI Oracle

Outstanding Female Oracle Illustrator

Jasmon Becket-Griffth : Oracle of the Shapeshifters
Mickie Mueller :
Voices of the Tree Oracle
Adrienne Trafford : Journey Oracle
Orna Ben-Shoshan : 72 Names Cards
Shawna Alexander : Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

Outstanding Collaboration for a Oracle Decks
Jasmon Becket-Griffth & Lucy Cavendish : Oracle of the Shapeshifters
Stacey Demarco & Jimmy Manton : Goddesses and Sirens Oracle
Leslie Ballantyne-Zuber & Laurie Ballantne-Tueller : Dog Pack Oracle Cards
Helen Micheals & Lorrain Rose : Audacious Action Angels Oracle
Frances Munro & Pete Pracownik : Woodland Wisdom Oracle

Outstanding Art on a Oracle Deck
Goddesses and Sirens Oracle
Oracle of the Shapshifters
Map Enchanted Oracle
IOSHI Oracle
Angels of Atlantis

Outstanding Oracle Deck of all Time
Oracle of Shadows and Light (Australian Release)
Transparent Oracle
Wisdom of the Hidden Realms
Madame Endora
Lenormand Oracle
Play Card Oracle
Karma Oracle Cards
Good Witch, Bad Witch Oracle
Psychic Tarot Oracle



Outstanding Tarot/Oracle Book
Psychic Tarot by Nancy Antenucci & Melanie A. Howard
Wizards Tarot companion book by Corrine Kenner
Astrology and Tarot by Corrine Kenner
Who Are You in the Tarot? by Mary K. Greer
Watches Angel Tarot companion book by Jaquelin & Michelle

Outstanding Tarot/Oracle Book of all Time
Gateway of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Manchetti
Bohemian Gothic companion book by Karen & Alex
Fairy Tale companion book by Lisa Hunt
Tarot Made Easy by Nancy Garen
Victorian Romantic companion book by Karen & Alex



Outstanding International Publisher
Magic Realist Press (Chez.)
Blue Angel Publishing (Australia)
Lo Scarabeo (Italy)

Outstanding National Publisher
U.S. Games Inc.
Schiffler Publishing

Outstanding International Cartomancy Vendor
Alida Store (Italy)
Tarotopia (Australia)
Lilitus Book & Magic (Australia)

Outstanding National Cartomancy Vendor
Tarot Garden

Outstanding Website for Cartomancy
Tarotholics Anonymous @
Amo el Tarot : Soy Taromante @



Anticipated Tarot Deck
Ghost and Spirits Tarot
Gilded Tarot Royal
Steam Punk Tarot
Alice Tarot
Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead
The Dreams of Gaia Tarot
Snowland Tarot
Anne Stoke's Gothic Tarot
Micheal Angelo Tarot
Victorian Romantic Tarot 2nd edition
Animalis Arcanum Tarot (write-in nominee)

Anticipatined Oracle Deck
Wisdom of the Golden Path
Chakra Inside Oracle
Les Vieux Jours Lenormand
Oracle of Shadows and Light (US Release)
The Romantic Angels Oracle
Magical Times Oracle
Dreams Faries Inspirational Cards
Oracle of the Shapeshifters (US Release)
The Messenger Oracle
The Souls of Dragons Oracle

Anticipated Tarot/Oracle Book
Steam punk Tarot companion book by Barbara Moore
Deviant Moon companion book by Patric Valenza
Alice Tarot companion book by Karen & Alex
Snowland Tarot companion book by Janet Boyer
Tarot in Reverse by Janet Boyer

One to Watch Male Illustrator
Yuehui Tang : Wisdom of the Golden Path
Jimmy Manton : Gods and Titans Oracle
Chris Wilkey : Today's Journey Tarot (write-in nominee)
Ron Boyer : Snowland Tarot
Franco Rivolli : Fire Tarot
David Camp : OISHI Oracle

One to Watch Female Illustrator

Shannon Thornfeather : The Kingdom Within Tarot
Jennifer Galasso : Crystal Vision Tarot
Amy Edwards : Chakarak Inside Oracle
Anna Gerraty : Dracula Tarot
M.M. Meleen : Rosetta Tarot
Debra M. Givin : Cat's Eye Tarot (write-in nominee)

Honorary Award

This categories are for the academy members only. This category is meant for acknowledging the outstanding artistic talent of a cartomancy artist who has dedicated time and effort in creating one of a kind and remarkable art.

Pamela Coleman Smith for Best Illustrator

Jasmon Becket-Griffth: For transcending depth of sublime essence in her meticulous art.

Robert Place: For his outstanding elaboration and historical research dedicated to tarot.

Lisa Hunt: For conducting a well researched attribution for her characters on to her tarot projects.


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